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The new EP: "Goji per Yelena" and the "Digital 45": "Namaste" and "Come un fulmine", are available in these stores, distributed in 247 countries worldwide. New purchases and listening in streaming!


Dicember 2015: 11: "Outsider Pub" - Quinto di Treviso (Treviso - Italy)Lele Croce GangNovember 2015:4: "Nasty Boys" - Treviso (Italy), Lele Croce GangSeptember 2015:25: "Rumori Strani" - Casier (TV, Italy) Lele Croce Gang12: "S. Maria Maggiore Church" - Private Wedding - L. Croce+Marco PrizzonAugust 2015:28: "Civico 60"- Jesolo Lido (Venezia - Italy) - Lele Croce Gang22: "Isola Rock" - Festival rock & metal - Villa Boschi, Isola della Scala (Verona - Italy). Lele Croce acoustic performance + interview, with Luca Zuccarello on bass guitar. From h 15.006: "Civico 60"- Jesolo Lido (Venezia - Italy) - Lele Croce GangJuly 2015:25: Bacchiglione Beat Festival - Padova (Italy) . Lele Croce Gang, live concert.11: Private dinner "Vegan/Vegetarian" - Preganziol (TV-Italy)June 2015:27: Press release: 2015: 21: The agreement signed with the label "NEROCROMO MUSIC PUBLISHING" that will release three albums. We'll start with "GOJI FOR YELENA" that will include the songs: "GOJI", "Enjoy your meal", "YELENA" and "DANCE OF THE BELLY", published in late June.



Lele Croce